R&D manager - Prague

Reports To
The R&D Manager will report to CEO.

Job Overview
R&D manager holds and develops Company know how in term of heat exchange and applications of our products.

R&D manager is responsible for overseeing the entire development process of new products and programs, from the initial planning phase to implementation or production. He estimates, get authorization, and keeps track of all the costs related to the creation of these new products and decide what ideas are worth pursuing.

The R&D manager must also stay informed on what is happening in the research and development field at large in order to make sure their company is up-to-date and current with the most advanced R&D developments.

He’s supposed to spread this competence inside the Company, and train Colleagues

He may be requested to support Sales Engineers during technical discussions with Customers.

He’ll represent Company when dealing with third parties on technical matters

Responsibilities and Duties
Provide a bullet point list of the responsibilities and duties of this job.

List the essential duties required to carry out this job.

manage Coil selection tool

· check troublefree operation

· fix issues detected by users

· analyze requests for additional features, and develop them when appropriate

· keep data base updated with new product or process

· benchmark performances simulated with Competitor’s data sheet

· benchmark performances simulated with field or lab data

· interface with external competences to improve calculation algorithms

develop of new products

· technical marketing about upcoming solutions

· manufacturing issues and feasibility – cost related

· define technical parameters to design new equipment

· follow prototype production

· define, arrange and validate lab test to verify predicted performance

· Ensure that objectives are determined and met, logistics are effectively coordinated and budgets are adhered to.

Membership in technical association

· participate to meetings, representing the Company

· internal follow up about information acquired

· develop subjects for the association, when requested

Coach colleagues in technical matters and provide technical oversight and expertise as required

Support Sales in front of the Customers , analyzing issues and proposing improvements

Support Colleagues in any technical subject where internal know how is not enough

Look for solutions that will bring cost saving at equivalent performances


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering – specialized in Thermodynamic and Energy
  • Professional competence in humid air applications
  • Professional competence in refrigeration circuit
  • Knowledge of different applications for our products
  • Competence in Numeric calculation and programming
  • Knowledge of coil manufacturing process
  • Able to interface with Academic Community
  • Attitude to communicate with Customers on technical subject
  • Curiosity about new disciplines ; fast learning
  • Professional use of English (read, write and conversation)
  • Experience in laboratory data acquisition



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